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  •   By Regular customer
    March 14, 2018
    Wonderful store and I am a happy regular. I was also shopping on the day the previous rating was referring too and felt some unjust comments are listed. Yes I agree the items were on display but noted that the prices had been reduced to reflect that. Yes the person serving the customer did gradually get a tad annoyed but I felt that the unjust comments and reaction by the elderly couple did instigate it whether right or wrong. When something is on display with a reduced price the customer has the option to decide if they want to buy it or not - a simple choice - so why the carry on I don’t know. If you feel you don’t want to buy an item because it is displayed then don’t. Issue over. I love the shop and have always found the staff very helpful and very pleasant. Sometimes it’s our attitudes as a customer that pushes adverse service. The products here have such a vast price range, great value and in the items I’ve seen elsewhere always better priced here. Hope you get to enjoy it too.lots of Christmas spirit in store. Check their website or Facebook page as the hours listed here are not current as they vary during the year.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   By A Unhappy Costumer
    November 06, 2017
    I went to Mister Christmas on Friday 3rd November 2017. My wife and I went there on a return visit to purchase 2 blue penguins. We asked for assistance as there were only display items on show. The assistant proceeded to dismantle the display when it was time to pay for the items I asked if there was a discount for the items due to the fact that they had been a working display. The person we were dealing with was extremely rude and asked do I want the items or not in a very rude tone. I then asked how long had the display been operating and was told since the shop opened in August of this year. We did not purchase the penguins because there was no box or instructions plus they had both been in full use since August. We had three other items to purchase but decided to leave the shop when the assistant became very aggressive when we mentioned that we would contact consumer affairs. He rudely said he would give us the phone number and to go. There was no avenue for discussion only complete rudeness. So disappointed a lovely shop but customer service skills sadly lacking. Where was the Christmas Spirit !!!!
  •   By Jane Storey
    September 14, 2017
    Great friendly service and very efficient. Loving the new website keep up the good work we will be back

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